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  • Joan L. Clark, Organizer
  • Hassle Free Space
  • 1422 W Thome Ave
  • Chicago, IL 60660
  • Phone: 773-729-0093
who are we? we’re your partner...

Hassle Free Space provides individualized, non-judgmental and confidential organizing services designed to make changes in both your living space and in your life.

We partner with individuals, therapists, nurses, attorneys, real estate agents and senior residence counselors. Anyone who needs assistance organizing can count on us to help.

what do we do?

Our method is tailored to the individual and focuses on building consistency between who you are and how you live in your space. Together we'll work on:

  • Belongings
  • Space
  • Lifestyle
  • Self-image
  • Goals
how do we do it?

Our approach is straightforward, simple and results oriented. Most importantly, we work with you in a collaborative way using our Hassle Free Process:

  • Evaluation
  • Planning
  • Sorting
  • Integration
  • Maintainence